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Episode Eight
The Green Girl
Saturday April 28, 1979 8pm (Eastern)
Saturday July 21, 1979 10pm (Eastern)

Starring in alphabetical order
Rebecca Balding
David Huddleston
Henry Jones
Clyde Kusatsu
Cleavon Little
Roddy McDowall

Written by Stephen Kandel
Directed by Cliff Bole

     This episode features the revamped color-tinted opening credit sequence. Like most of the revamped episodes, this one also features Joey Aresco and Ilene Graff listed in the regular cast.  This episode is the second one broadcast that featured Aresco and Graff as members of the Supertrain crew.  Typical too of the revamped format, Edward Andrews' character Harry Flood is sidelined from most of the show's action.  Andrews appears basically at the beginning of the episode and then near the close of the show and has only minor screen time.  Harrison Page fares better and remains involved in the plots with significant time in most all episodes of the series.
    "The Green Girl" opens with Supertrain speeding across the desert having left Los Angeles prior to start of the episode.  On its way east to New York from Los Angeles, Supertrain plays host to The International Poker Championship.  The game is a marathon style event with five participants each entering the game with $100,000 in cash that will be the winnings of the person taking the final round of the game.  The game is being televised, but only as Supertrain would do it.  Sitting in the corner of the lounge is what appears to be a standard consumer model 19-inch color TV and a late-'70s "piano-key"-style consumer VHS videorecorder.  These two items are joined by what also looks to be a consumer model camera that records all the action for what is stated to be a nationwide audience.  Believe you can even see in one scene that the VCR is not connected to any of the other pieces of equipment.  We are also shown various camera angles and close-ups through the broadcast of the event, which would be difficult to pull off with only one camera sitting in a corner.  Then again, how many events broadcast on nationwide television are done with consumer equipment.  Only on Supertrain!
     Speaking of logic gaps and reality checks, consider that there is reportedly a half million dollars of cash on the poker table and that only a round section of plexiglass is placed on top of the table and money between rounds.  We're never shown that the table is secured in any serious fashion, nor is there a security guard of any kind present.  Remember that Supertrain does have Abe Vigoda around doing security for Zsa Zsa Gabor's charity bikini fashion show in the "Very Formal Heist" episode, but nobody is present this trip to look after $500,000 cash?!?  Priorities!
     Given the poor security is it any wonder that somebody doesn't attempt to take advantage of the situation?  Enter Rebecca Balding from ABC's "Soap" as the title character "The Green Girl."  Balding is brought about Supertrain at the mythical location of Desert Junction, Texas.  As the train pulls to a stop, Edward Andrews notes, "...a passenger train hasn't stopped here in ten years!"  Okay, let's pause for another logic/reality break.  If Supertrain represents an all-newly constructed wide gauge rail system, why would it have a run down old no longer used depot along its brand new right of way?  Let's just say Supertrain was built upon the roadbed of a former standard gauge railroad and more on as we still have some fish to fry on this episode.
     Balding is not the intended passenger the crew expected to collect in Texas.  A man named Waco Cole was to sit down to poker with guest stars Roddy McDowall, Cleavon Little, David Huddleston, and Clyde Kusatsu.  When asked where Waco is, Balding's character announces that she has the invite to the card game and is ready to go.  Without further investigation or concern, Supertrain departs the sleepy burg with an imposter and we're shown poor Waco tied up behind the depot.  One is suddenly releaved that Supertrain is operating so far before our current terrorist riddled traveling world or the other players might have been forced to play Texas Hold-'Em against Osama Bin Laden had this all taken place today rather than in 1979.
     Teaming up with Balding is veteran character actor Henry Jones.  The two has devised a counterfieting scheme that will allow Balding to exchange all the real money on the table for fakes during the course of the game.  We are shown the magical device that will do the dirty work in the form of a very large and bulk unit strapped to Balding's forearm.  The device allows her to hold a real bill in her hand and it sucks the bill in and spits out a fake in a very obvious and rather slowly executed manner.  Unless they've all been drinking heavily, the room is extremely poorly lit, or they fall asleep it is hard to figure how anyone would not notice this little machine in action.  Did I mention that it also makes a buzzing noise like a dollar bill slot on a soda machine as it performs it task.  Guess Balding could pretend to have a bad chronic cough and try to cover up the machine's noise.  Henry Jones by the way is the mastermind behind the design and building of the dollar changer, beyond that his role is essential non-important to the story.
     Now Where Are We??? security for the half a million dollars...didn't bother to confirm who they picked up in is being broadcast on what looks like an RCA VCR seen recently in pieces at Goodwill...and everyone must be wondering if that noise is a wheel coming off Supertrain or is that girl switching out the real money for fakes.  In the midst of this all, poor Joey Aresco's Wayne Randall has gotten a bad crush on Rebecca Balding's character.  The infatuation is short-lived though as Roddy McDowall's character is busted out of the game about midway through the episode and tips Ilene Graff's Penny with a phony bill.  The Supertrain dining car person were told formerly worked at a bank and noticed the counterfeit bill immediately.  Not wanting to spoil everyone's good time, it is decided that the game will continue and that the police in New York can deal with the problem when Supertrain arrives there.
     Getting out while the getting is good is Henry Jones at Chicago with a suitcase full of the real cash already exchanged.  Jones is busted and off-screen fingers Rebecca Balding's character.  Meanwhile, Clyde Kusatsu's character wins the game.  The romance is over for Aresco's character and Balding is detained at New York and presumably sent to the big house.  Edward Andrews asks Ilene Graff at the end of the episode how Supertrain will respond to the problem and make good to Mr. Katsu on his phony winnings.  Given the arrest in Chicago of Henry Jones' character and Balding's character was just walking away with police, wouldn't the money have been confiscated and therefore easily returned and given to winner Katsu?  No, Ilene Graff reviews her clipboard and says that the easy fix will be to play that game again next week.

New crew members Ilene Graff and Joey Aresco (pictured on the right) learn of this week's special event aboard "Supertrain"
The Green Girl herself Rebecca Balding was a regular on ABC's "Soap" sitcom at the time of her poker playing appearance on "Supertrain"
Ready to deal the cards in The International Poker Championship are guests David Huddleston (left) and Clyde Kusatsu (right).

"It's True!  It's True!"  There's no monkey-business this week as "Planet of the Apes"-star Roddy McDowall guest stars along with "Blazing Saddles"-sheriff Cleavon Little
TV Guide April 28- May 4,1979
-TV Guide April 28-May 4, 1979 featuring Danny DeVito and Judd Hirsch of ABC's "Taxi"
TV Guide "The Green Girl" Episode Synopsis:

Supertrain's latest promotion, the International Poker Championship, is dealt a bad hand when one of the participants buys in with counterfeit money. 
"The Green Girl" Competition:

ABC aired a repeat of "Fantasy Island" with guest stars Connie Stevens; Barbi Benton; Bert Convy; Troy Donahue; Fred Grandy; Trisha Noble; Nancy Kwan; and Regis Toomey
CBS aired Diahann Carroll and Esther Rolle in the CBS Saturday Night Movies presentation of "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings"